Feel it through a family. Official article.

 May 15-19 high school team - 3 teachers and 4 students - took part in the international program Erasmus + 2 KEY ACTIONS general education sector strategic inter-school partnership project "Feel it!" (Feel!), Which is funded by the Education Exchange Support Foundation, participants in the meeting in Turkey, Dortyol city. This is the sixth and last of the project partners - Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania and Lithuania - a meeting whose purpose was to survive the positive emotions and collaboration, sharing observations and understanding the importance of the family history of the nation, familiarity with the partner family customs and traditions.

During the visit to the Dortoil suburbs in the Yoshilkoye countryside, in December 19th, we learned about the interesting history of the Turkish nation, the system of education, traditions, family customs, and the culture of communication through educational activities, sightseeing tours of museums, mosques, ancient historical places, visiting Turkish families.

Traditionally, the project partners presented their country stands with an emphasis on their national, national, family traditions and customs. Our gymnasium team introduced a film about the gymnasium, pupils' works - a book of drawings about the family, a family tree, and twisted friendship bracelets. We presented to the partner countries CDs with a record of the Lithuanian family's customs and traditions and communication features. During the project, we "raised" an emotional tree, in which the participants of the partner country teams conveyed emotional feelings throughout the project.

The meeting ended with a discussion of the work done and the experience gained and lived through emotions. We were pleased with the work done, the knowledge about the customs of the peoples of the partner countries, the characteristics of the education system, and above all, we have had many wonderful moments in communion, knowing each other, becoming a family.

Feel it trough the family in Turkey

Meeting in Romania
"Feel it!" in Romania, Targu-Jiu

 From March 26 to April 1, 2017, our "Feel it!" team  of the gymnasium - 4 teachers and 3 students - participated in the "Feel it!" in a meeting in Romania, in Targu Jiu town. This is the fifth meeting of the project partners. The purpose of this meeting is to survive positive emotions in communication and collaboration, observing, discussing and illustrating cartoons of different cultures.

Attending the
Targu Jiu town at A. Stefulesku Gymnasium, T. Vladimireske National College and kindergarten "Children's Dream" and taking part in educational activities, we became acquainted with the Romanian education system, traditions and celebrations. The museum's sightseeing tours, various educational programs helped to better understand and understand the history, traditions and customs of the Romanian nation.

Traditionally, the project partners presented their country stands with an emphasis on their country, school-specific traditions and customs. Our team presented a film about the gymnasium, students' works - a book of drawings, pictures of stones and sand with cartoon heroes, three-color book tabs, the parties gave their partners a CD with an old Lithuanian animation.

The week of activities ended with a discussion of the work done and the experience gained and the emotions that have survived. The guidelines for the last meeting of the partner countries in Turkey to be held in May were foreseen.


Feel it through the Family. The last meeting in May 2017 in Yeşilköy, Hatay, Turkey. 

Before the meeting children thought about their families and their relationships. What are the feelings between family members? How does being part of a family make them feel? How does a family work together? Schools prepared a range of presentations. Some children made films about their own family, others made more general presentations.

Children drew family trees to show the extent of their family.

All of these presentations were shown during the meeting. Visitors were shown around other schools as well as the host school. This showed a family of schools who all work together and cooperate.

Other events at the meeting showed the culture of Turkey and a visit to a family home for a meal demonstrated the central place of the family in society.

The aims of the project were generally met during the meeting as all children across the partnership schools explored the family through a range of feelings. It was unfortunate that the international situation prevailing at the time made it difficult for two schools to attend and for others to bring children. But despite this problem the meeting was still a success and demonstrated the strong feeling of family and friendship that we had all built up during the project.

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